InovoCell in brief

InovoCell inc is a small technology company in Wisconsin focusing on equiptment and solution for the process industry, and customized software applications. Our capabilities include engineering analysis, software development, CAD/CAM, and in house prototyping.


January 2017 For diabetic patients, it is important to track the total amount of carbohydrate eaten, not just the sugar. A research project has been initiated to use image analysis(simmilar to InovoCells optical sensors) to estimate the amount of carbs in a meal. CarboKarma is an attempt to develop a simple app to track the amount of carbohydrates eaten over time. For additional information, please contact InovoCell, Inc at

December 2016 InovoCell gets awarded a grant to explore the possibilities to perform Simon Stain's method on line in a full scale pulp and paper refiner installation.  The goal of the project is to improve the Virtual Paper modeling by staining the fibers before the anlaysis and with this addition information, get a reliable measurement for resulting strenght properties.  For additional information please contact InovoCell at or read more in this IMPC 2016 paper

November 2016 BTG Instruments AB and InovoCell, Inc have signed an exclusive long term agreement for a transfer of InovoCell's optical fiber analyzer technology for the pulp and paper industry.  InovoCell's uniqe sensor enables a continues measurement with high sampling frequancy and accurancy of important fiber morphology parameters as well as Virtual Paper variables.  With the sensor's high sampling frequancy and simple construction, statistically correct measurement are achiived 100-200 times per hour.  For additional information, please contact BTG at